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IELTS Speaking topic: Camping

07/02/20152 minute read

1. Have you ever been camping before?
2. If you could pick a camping place, where would it be?
3. Is camping popular in China?
4. Would you like to try camping in the future?
5. What kinds of problems would you have while camping?
6. What kinds of preparation do people need to do for camping?
7. Should parents bring their young children for camping?

Yes, just once, but really memorable. I went to the Lingshan Mountain with my friends and my son early this year. We slept in the forest in the camps at night. It was totally dark outside, but we sang the songs loudly with others and heard the sound of rain dropping on my camp gently. It was really an interesting experience.

Maybe a mountain nearby is good. Camping places should be away from cities, so a mountain should be a good option. People can let off steam there.

Yes, there are many websites about camping. Fans of those websites come from all parts of China. So I guess the idea of camping is really favoured in recent years.

Yes, if I have got plenty of spare time in the future, I would go for a forest park to camp with my friends to enjoy the natural scenery. This time I would be more experienced.

Well, wild animals could be a big problem. Wolves can be a threat. Monkeys may steal my food. Besides, weather is another potential problem. When it rains, it gets wet everywhere. If I had to cook outside my tent, I’d have no idea how to do it in the rain.

A driver should be a must so that people can go through the bumpy road; besides, a tent and sleep bad should be taken for sleeping overnight; as well as that, some fast food and water should be prepared as there is no restaurants in the outside, and campfire is not forbidden. And on top of that, warm clothes are also necessary as it’s always very chilled in the mountainous area.

If the parents are careful and experienced, they’d know how to take care of their kids. So kids wouldn’t be a problem but much more fun. On the contrary, if the parents are new to camping, they can’t even take care of themselves, I’d say kids should stay at home.

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