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IELTS Speaking topic: Hobbies

01/02/20153 minute read

1. Have you got a hobby? If so, what is it?
2. Is it an expensive hobby in your country?
3. What do teenagers like doing in your country?
4. What hobbies are usually expensive in your country?
5. What do you like about your hobby?
6. How much time do you spend on your hobby?
7. Is your hobby a common hobby in your country?
8. Are there any new hobbies that you would like to take up?

Yes, I am a big fan of photograph for a couple of years. Although it would definitely cost me so much because the camera and lens are both quite expensive, I am the kind of person who wants the best or nothing and I believe they are totally worth it.

It depends. If people want to take photos which are a bit different and professional than the ordinary ones, they should probably invest a great amount of money in the gears; on the other hand, if people just have fun with the pictures, they could buy the cheap devices, too. They are affordable and won’t cost much.

It’s kind of hard to say but the young people that I know around me tend to play football so much in the football pitch, but maybe for others, they just want to play computer games at home all day long.

Well, in my country, apart from my hobby, there are also several hobbies that need you spend a great amount of money. For example, the musical instruments, such as piano and violin, will bankrupt you. As well as that, if people decide to embrace high end audio equipments, that would appear to be a bottomless money sink.

I have been in the habit of it for almost 8 years. The main factor is that I can capture the precious moment in my life, such as the graduation ceremony, or the sweet moment with my girlfriend, and also I believe the photography will cultivate my mental development.

Not so much time actually, I take photos from time to time. Normally if I’m free in my spare time, I will go out to the natural sceneries with all my gears to find and capture the stunning moments because I find it quite entertaining to do that; but if I have lots of on my hands I’ll probably focus on my work.

Oh, yes, it’s definitely a common hobby in my country as photography has been gone through a long way in history. You can easily see people taking photos of portraits or landscape in the parks or any natural sceneries in China.

Well, recently I went to running in the park because I wanted to keep me fitness and get toned. Besides, keeping a running track in my iPhone and sharing it with my friends are really entertaining. Moreover, I wanted to try some traditional English Oxford shoes because they really look cool and trendy, and would suit my new coat well.

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