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IELTS Speaking topic: Nearby shop and market

24/02/201548 second read

1. Are there any shops near where you live?
2. Do you think it is important to have shops near people’s homes?
3. How often do you go to these shops?
4. What’s the difference between shopping in a market and a store?

Yes, there are two small shops near my home. Though they are not very big, but I can still always get what I need in them.

Yes, definitely. It would be very convenient to buy something needed for household if there are shops near people’s homes.

I go to these shops once a week, buying some bread and drinks, and some other groceries.

Well, between the two, a typical supermarket always covers a wide range of commodities compared with the street market, for example, people always drive cars there with families to buy all kinds of things for a whole week; on the contrary, the shop sometimes sells fresh vegetables and fruits, people always tend to buy food for dinner after work.

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