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IELTS Speaking topic: Season

17/02/20152 minute read

1. What’s your favourite season?
2. What do people in your country like to do in different seasons?
3. What’s the least favourite season in your country?
4. What are the differences between different seasons?
5. What season is good for travelling in your hometown?

I guess the autumn is the best time to travel. As it is neither too hot nor too cold, people will feel comfortable to go out. Besides, as the foliage of trees will turn yellow or red, you will find the picturesque views all around you. Wherever you go, you will experience a memorable trip.

When in spring and autumn, the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot, people in China tend to hike in the mountains, or go running. When it comes to summer, people can choose more physical activities like swimming, camping in the forests and playing balls, etc. But in winter, people believe it not suitable for outdoor exercises, so they prefer to stay at home for resting.

I’m afraid there is no apparent unfavourable season in my favourite, but relatively I believe summer is least favourite season because it’s much too hot everywhere which will bring inconvenience to everything, especially for people to fall asleep at night.

There are four distinctive seasons in my country. Basically, summer is the hottest season of the year, while winter is coldest. Autumn and spring are not severe seasons. Moreover, in summers people love to wear light clothes while in winter use of woollen clothes increase. Summer and winter are longer seasons, while autumn and spring are shorter ones.

As for my hometown, I guess the autumn is the best time to travel as in the Huangshan Mountain, it is neither too hot nor too cold, people will feel comfortable to hike. Besides, it will rains a lot which will have the stunning cloud sea in the mountain.

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