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IELTS Speaking topic: Shopping

08/02/20152 minute read

1. Do you like shopping?
2. Would you like to work in a shop?
3. Do you like shopping on the internet?
4. When do you usually go shopping?
5. Do you prefer shopping in big stores or small shops?
6. What do you usually buy when you go shopping?
7. Do you spend much when you go shopping?

No, not really. Shopping is hard for me! Sometimes I spent the whole day in a mall, and I ended up wasting hours with nothing back home.

No, I’m not interested in retail at all. You never know how difficult some customers can be dealt with. I honestly don’t like to deal with that.

Yes, I have bought tons of things from the Internet since the first time I used it for shopping. It’s fast and convenient, I totally love it!

I only shop when there is a festival coming up, like spring festival or Christmas. That’s the time when I could get lots of goods’ discount.

It depends on what I want to buy. So if it’s just some grocery, I’d like to go to a big store where I can pick up almost everything on my shopping list. If I’m going to buy some clothes, I’d probably go to a boutique.

Actually I only buy some groceries and food when I go shopping in the nearby supermarket. I get other things like outfits, electronic devices, and books from the online store.

I usually don’t intend to spend much money when I go shopping because I believe that purchasing things from the concrete stores are definitely more expensive than the online store. Therefore I always just buy some necessities from the local supermarket.

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