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IELTS Speaking topic: Visitors to your home

07/02/20152 minute read

1. Do you like visitors coming to your home?
2. How often do you have visitors to your home?
3. When someone visits you, how do you usually show hospitality?
4. What kinds of manners do you expect you home visitors to have?
5. Do you bring gifts when you visit others?
6. Do you like to visit other people?

Yes, I’m really into having my friends, family or coworkers to go to my home for a tea or something fun. At home, it’s relaxing and comfortable. The environment is good for connecting with people.

I sometimes invite my friends to get together in my home in the weekends, once a week maybe.

I’d invite dinner and snacks with my guests. I’ve got a big collection of all kinds of sweets, so I want my visitors to taste them!

If they want to have a tour, they should ask me beforehand, then I’ll show them around. So I’d not be happy if they just walk around in every room like it’s their homes!

Yes, but not expensive ones. Sometimes I’ll bring some food or books, sometimes I’ll bring some groceries that they need or toys for their kids.

Yes, I believe that mutual visiting for friendship is really important as it shows respect to your friends, therefore, I’d like to drop by for a visit to them as long as they invite me.

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