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IELTS Writing: Letter-Application for a business trip

17/03/20152 minute read

Someone in your company is organizing a trip abroad for language learning training. Write a letter to him/her and say why he/she should choose you for this trip, as there is limited number of places available.

You should say:
Describe who you are.
Why do you think this trip is good for you?
How can it help the company?

Dear Jack,
You probably don’t remember me, but we met once at a meeting last year. My name is Pirlo Wang and I work in the IT department of our company.

I hear that you are organising a trip to Melbourne for some staff and I would really like to go so I can practice my English. I have been studying English in classes here in the company, but I would love the opportunity to really practice in an English speaking country. You know, we also have loads of international clients we deal with in IT so it would be a good thing for the company as well if I could improve my fluency and understanding when dealing with native English speakers.

I hope you can reserve me a place in the group. Please let me know ASAP and if it’s possible all the details of the trip so I can plan in advance.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


165 words

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