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IELTS Writing: Old workers and young workers

13/04/20152 minute read

Older people who need employment have to compete with younger people. What problems will be caused? And what are the solutions?

It seems to be an increasingly widespread concern that the competition between younger people and older people is fierce, which may cause young people to lose jobs and older employers undergo more work pressure. I agree with the solution to focus on giving young people a chance to receive more experience as well as providing older people necessary training.

Compared with older people, the young may be disadvantageous and less likely to be hired as they lack adequate work experience to be eligible for certain positions. Some companies these days appreciate older employees mainly for their rich experience in dealing with problems. This will force young people out of employment.

Another problem related with this phenomenon is that these senior workers are highly likely to face higher pressure at work as they may have a limited vision of knowledge to tackle fresh-new issues that did not exist before. In manufacturing industry, for example, the use of advanced machines is quite common. But how to operate the equipment could be a tough challenge for older workers whereas it may be simple and easy for their younger counterparts.

In order to solve the above problem, here are two feasible approaches. Firstly, governments should encourage businesses to create more jobs for less experienced young employees who will then have the opportunity to accumulate experience. Moreover, companies may need to create a training programme to get elder workers familiar with the changes in their position. Only with proper guidance can trainees learn fast and be independent in problem-solving soon.

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