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IELTS Writing: Who will look after children?

02/04/20152 minute read

Some working parents believe childcare centres can provide the best care for children, other think other family members like grandparents can do. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, one of the concerns for working parents is who can provide the most needed care to their children when they are at work. Some say that childcare centres are good options compared with leaving the children to other family members. I agree with view that combining childcare service and home education is the best choice.

Firstly, it is obvious that most children centres not only provide a place for kids to stay during the day time but also have well-trained teachers to help the youngsters to develop their literacy and understanding of arts. Therefore, kids are guided to develop good habits like eating independently, following rules and so on. This is certainly beneficial to their future development.

Moreover, there are also advantages of having other family members look after the children while their parents are absent. At home, the kids can learn at their own pace without feeling too much pressure. And the love from their grandparents or other relatives support them to grow strong and live happily.

However, both methods have definitely their own disadvantages. At home, family members may spoil or teach the child insufficiently, so going to children centres is a way to avoid wrong family education. Meanwhile, family always matters in a child’s life. If working parents can not devote much time for their children, other members should contribute and give the child the amount of attention that is missing in the daycare organisation.

In sum, combining the help from both sides, the nurturing in early childhood will be satisfying, and the drawbacks can also be avoided. Only by doing so can we ensure that children can grow up in a happy and healthy environment.

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