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IELTS Speaking topic: News

26/05/20153 minute read

1. Are you very interested in the news?
2. Why do you want to know the latest news?
3. How important is it to you to get the news every day?
4. What sort of news are you most interested in?
5. How do you usually find this news?
6. Do you prefer to read newspapers or watch TV to get your news?
7. Do you ever get your news from the internet?
8. Do you (often/ever) read newspapers?
9. What sections of the newspaper do you usually read?
10. Do you think newspapers are important?
11. Besides newspapers, what are some other ways people get news?
12. How important do you think the news is?
13. Which do you think is more important, domestic news or international news?
14. Would you say the news affects your life very much?
15. Are old people and young people interested in the same news? (Why?/Why not?)

Yes, I’m really fond of getting news from various sources because I just want to make myself better informed about the world.

It’s very important for me to know what happened in the domestic and international events.

I’m more interested in foreign cultures. I like to learn about their religions, customs, and the foods they eat. Occasionally, foreign news interests me, too. I really like reading scientific related news.

Normally I read news from TV news programmes, which are very convenient and updated; but if I’m too busy to watch TV, I’ll read news from the Internet in my mobile phone.

Well, if I have free time at home, I’d like to watch the news and editorials in the TV with my family; whereas you know, it takes time for the newspaper to publish so the news are always not so updated.

Yes, it’s very convenient for me to get news from internet such as mobile phone. The news apps usually send me the most urgent notifications to me so it keeps me posted.

Not very often. Newspaper always take time to get published so that they are not so updated. Besides, I have to go to the kiosks and spend money to buy newspapers. It’s quite troublesome.

I always read news in the politics section because I’m interested in political events happened in the domestic and abroad.

Yes, newspapers are very important in current society because they are still the most important medium for understanding the world. They deliver the most urgent and valuable news to the audience so that readers can know what happens in the current world.

Well, besides newspapers, people can get news by many other sources, such as TV programmes, radio, and Internet, which can all cater for the different kinds of people.

I believe news is very critically important because without regular access to news, most people would be unaware of the various events taking place, both locally and around the world, that have an impact on their lives.

I believe that domestic news is more important than international ones because it’s closer to home, and affects me more.

News very much effects my life. If the news is bad, for example, which much of it is at present, considering the economic downturn etc., then I start to feel depressed about losing my job and how I’m going to pay the bills.

No, I guess old people are interested in different kinds of news from young people, such as political news, etc, because they have a greater interest in protecting their benefit programmes, from medicare to social security; whereas young person might be interested in the latest teen fashion, sports events.

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