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IELTS Speaking topic: Mobile phone

02/06/20152 minute read

1. How often do you use your mobile phone?
2. Can you describe your mobile phone?
3. What was your first mobile phone?
4. Would you buy a new one in the future?
5. How has your mobile phone changed your life?

Well, obviously I use my mobile phone on a daily basis. I always use it to get in touch with my family and friends, besides, I play games in my mobile phone when I have nothing to do at home in the day time.

Currently I’m using iPhone 4s. Though it was quite expensive, it came with lots of exciting features and apps. The screen response is perfect and the thumb print works 100% of the time and is really convenient to get into the phone. Besides, the camera is awesome too, and does not have the delay so I can always capture the stunning moment.

My first mobile phone was the Nokia bar phone in 2004. It was quite expensive then because I was a university student and didn’t have much money. I got a part-time job to earn the money and bought it in a shopping mall. Fortunately the mobile phone turned out to be well worth what I had done then.

Yes, my 4s is relatively outdated, so I just want to update to the latest iPhone 6 in the near future. It has a larger screen so I believe it would be much more comfortable to read news or type text messages to my friends on it.

Oh, the mobile phone definitely has changed my life dramatically. Probably the most interesting change is that the mobile phone has freed me from the constraints of space. For example, it is no longer necessary to meet my friends to apologise if I’m late to a meeting. I just make a telephone call. I think my life is fully mobile.


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