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IELTS Speaking topic: Snacks

22/11/20152 minute read
  • What kinds of snacks do you like to eat?
  • Is it healthy to eat snacks?
  • Do your parents allow you to eat snacks?
  • What was the most popular snack when you were young?
  • What kinds of snacks do children in your country like to eat nowadays?

Well, as for me, I like eating the hard-boiled eggs the most because they are very easy to cook and I won’t feel hungry in the office after eating them at break.

I believe that if you’re really hungry, it’s perfectly fine to have some snacks but if people just eat junk food between meals, then it’s really unhealthy.

Yes, actually most of the snacks in my house are bought by my parents, because they wish me to eat them if I’m hungry between meals.

When I was a boy, I felt that the salty snacks with scallion were very popular among the children because I thought that we ate too much candy so our parents didn’t intend to give us any other sweet food.

Well, nowadays, I feel that children like to eat lots of almonds because they have special flavour and the parents believe almonds are a great source of protein and healthy fat that is satisfying.


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