1. Do you often sing?
2. When do you like to sing?
3. How much time do you spend in singing every day?
4. What kinds of music do you like to sing?
5. Is it difficult to sing well?
6. Do you want to be a singer?

Well, singing is the biggest passion in my life. I almost sing everyday, especially when I am doing my homework, washing dishes or even having a bath. I think music can make me happier.

Since I am a very outgoing boy, I like singing very much, especially when I am taking a shower for ten or fifteen minutes. Because at that time, I feel relaxed and happy, so I really enjoy myself.

I sometimes sing some pop music from Taiwan and Hong Kong which can make me calm, and I also frequently sing some American pop music, like the Backstreet Boys. I can feel the energy when I hear the tune.

I always believe that there’s nothing difficult in this world, if you put your heart into it. Take myself as an example. I was poor at singing before, but later I have been keeping practice in front of the mirror, and I can sing much better now.

No. Although I’m really into music, I never think about that question before seriously. Actually, I’m not very interested in becoming a singer, because I know honestly that singing is a long way to go. So I will focus on my current work.