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IELTS Speaking topic: Science

10/08/20162 minute read
  • Do you like science?
  • Are you very interested in science?
  • What science have you studied (or learned)?
  • Is your work related to science?
  • What science subject do you like the most? (Why?)
  • What’s the most interesting (part of) science to you?

I love science so much because it can explain everything in life. It allows me to know where things come from and how we act, why roses are red, how airplanes fly, and so much more! Besides, it is never ending, which means that there is always something new to discover because the topic of science is so huge.

I have studied several science in the middle school and university, such as maths, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and computer science. I found most of them were very challenging and thought-provoking.

Yes, I’m an IT engineer now so I think it’s belong to the computer science. I learned lots of them from the university lessons.

I like physics better than any other science because it makes me feel ignorant and it has helped me realise how big and interesting the universe is, how relative our reality is, how small we are and how many questions there are unanswered. I also adore the fact that I feel like a kid when I learn new stuff, for me, it is like opening a Christmas present because you don’t expect what’s coming.

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