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IELTS Speaking topic: Animal

21/07/20182 minute read
  • Why do some people keep pets at home?
  • What kinds of animals do you like?
  • Have you ever had a pet before?
  • Do you like to see animals in the zoo?
  • What is the most popular animal in China?

There are lots of reason of keeping an animal at home. Firstly, pets are a great way to improve your mood and temperament, so that they can help reduce stress; besides, pets are also a source of exercise, such as dogs, which will happily accompany you for walks; what’s more, they are the best friends for kids.
For me I love Dogs and My favourite breed is a Labrador, they are the most friendliest dogs you will ever come across.

For me personally, I have 2 dogs at home, aside from wanting to have a loyal friend, I also want to learn to become a better responsible person, learn how to take care of my pets, how to train them and how to appreciate other creatures in this world.

Yes because at least they are being looked after and in the wild they are killed every day. Like kangaroos get killed by cars or by something else every day. In a zoo they can’t get hit by a car and are well looked after by the people who work in the zoo.

Seriously, I don’t know why but, at least when it comes to Shanghai, the most popular dog breeds these days are big, furry dogs, such as huskies and Tibetan mastiffs.

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