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IELTS Speaking topic: Celebrity

26/07/20182 minute read
  • Who is your favourite celebrity in China?
  • Would you want to be a celebrity in the future?
  • In general, how do people become famous?
  • What kinds of people become famous?
  • Do you think, to be famous, a person needs to have some special talent(or ability)?

I would say that the favourite celebrity in China is the famous singer, Jay Zhou. He is just so handsome and I really like his music and play. I wish I could see him more often in good dramas or movies.

Oh no. I don’t like to be a celebrity in the future. Though being famous can help get much more wealth, they will have to bear the pressure from the public and their privacy cannot be protected well.

There are many paths to fame in this day and age. Perhaps they have superior intelligence or a special talent that could lead to fame, or at least they need some specialities to get themselves distinguished. But anyway, they still need to work hard and make great effort to be outstanding.

Yes, I think successful people are not born or created. They must be very confident and an expert in their own industry; besides, they should be very lucky so that they could luckily meet their mentor, business partner or inverter in their career.

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