1. Do you keep plants at home?
2. What plant did you grow when you were young?
3. Do you know anything about growing a plant?
4. Do Chinese people send plants as gifts?

Yes, there is a garden in the back of my house. I grow some herb, brush and trees, like petunia, lavender and lemon trees. There is also a big lawn in the centre of garden. I really enjoy the gardening work which can help me relieve my work stress.

When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me a little chrysanthemum. I planted it in a pot at home. It was really a rough plant as I did not know how to look after it, but it was booming beautifully every autumn.

Yes, I think I am a green hand now. I know how to plant the seedlings, water and feed them with fertiliser, prune them after booming if necessary. Anyway, different plant needs different care, so I need to read the instruction before planting them.

Yes, different plant has different meaning in China. For example, people like to send red peony to other families, hoping they would be wealthy and lucky; while, when attending a wedding, red roses are the most welcome because they indicate romantic love.