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IELTS Speaking topic: Punctuality

01/08/20182 minute read
  • How do you remind yourself to be on time?
  • Why are some people always late?
  • Do you think it is important to be punctual?
  • What will you do if you are waiting for someone?
  • Do you think people these days are as punctual as they were in the past?

Oh being punctuality is very easy for me. Personally I keep different task lists both in my laptop and my phone which can be synchronised. And then the I can configure alarms so that they would remind me some time before the tasks.

I think there are several reasons for this. Firstly, lots of people think that being early there is just matter of wasting time; besides, others may be used to procrastination so they completely lost track of time and forgot to check the clock.

Yes, sure. As for me, it is very important for me to be punctual and I consider any lateness would be very disrespectful. Moreover, always being on time can help save your and other people’s time, especially in the workplace. Your staff won’t have to wait for you before the conference.

I generally read something for a short wait, a book, a magazine, checking email, Facebook, etc, to kill the time. But if it turns out to be a long wait, I will have to go somewhere else to save my time.

No, I don’t think so. Nowadays, people tend to be late, compared to the past. The booming development of technology has provided us too many distractions, like mobile phones, TVs, and so on, so that people tend to spend more time with them and be less punctual.

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