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IELTS Speaking topic: Save money

02/08/201855 second read
  • Did you save money when you were young?
  • Have you ever given money to other children?
  • Do you think parents should teach children to save money?
  • Do parents give children pocket money in China?

Yes, I remembered when I was very young, my parents gave me a money box to save money in it. I put some coins in it, hoping I could buy a transformer one day. But it was never realised because the money box was always empty.

No, never. As far as I can recall, I guess I barely had enough pocket money to buy a bottle of Coke in my childhood, so it was impossible to share money with other kids.

Yes, I do think so. Saving money is a very useful life skill because every child will grow up and start to feed themselves. They need to save money to realise their big dream.

Yes. It is sort of a traditional custom to give children pocket money during the Spring Festival. It is called the Lucky Money. Besides, children can also get some money from adults as rewards in other time.


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