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IELTS Speaking topic: Study time

04/08/201842 second read
  • What time do you like to study?
  • What’s the best time for you to study?
  • Do you like to study alone or with your friends?
  • Who do you usually study with?

As for my study time, I will probably go with studying in the evening, because it would be very quiet at that time and there would be no much other distractions; whereas, you know, I cannot concentrate on the books in the morning, and am even drowsy after breakfast.

I prefer to study with someone else, especially my girlfriend. There are several advantages. Firstly, if I find something difficult, I can discuss with him/her, and solve the problem much easier; besides, group study can help you find something important but you have ignored; what more important is that studying alone is much more stressful, especially when facing the final test.


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  1. Your website is very useful and practical.. studying different topics are very important for language learners. but there is no topic about “Atheism” and “non practicing of any religions”. please post a topic about that.

    1. Hi, Wang, there are part two for every speaking topics, but there are no part 3 for them currently as I really have no enough time to write them.

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