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  1. Only 6 British Jihadists’ bank accounts frozen in UK video

    A report to British Parliament shows the country has only frozen six bank accounts of the more than 600 terrorists with accounts in the country.

  2. How the Royal Family celebrated Christmas

    Every year, the British Royal Family spends Christmas Day walking – no, strolling – to church and back. This year, it was no different. The whole family went to St. Mary Magdalene, which is located in their estate in Norfolk. Naturally, a crowd gathered to see the nobles with their own eyes.

  3. Regional beers in the UK

    There are countless different types of beers in the UK – it would take hours and hours of reading and writing to detail each and every one of them. So, I took the easy way out and looked for a broader classification of the beers to be found in the UK. One good way to […]

  4. Sports fans’ guide to travelling England

    Do you love sport and are you travelling to England on your next holiday? There are plenty for a sporting events on throughout the year that a sports enthusiast tourist can and should take advantage of. All you need to do is plan your trip in such a way that you will catch the action […]

  5. The traditional English wedding

    Most people would see different wedding traditions, but if there is one that can be traced from the English style, that is of spreading flowers on the pathway towards the altar before the bride walks towards it. Such a practice stems from the belief that the bride will live through her life happily and lovely.

  6. What voting no to Scottish independence means for the future of Scotland and the UK

    On September 18 this year, Scottish voters took to the polls to vote in favour of or against Scottish independence. The result was perhaps closer than some had expected, however just over 55% of Scots voted No. So what happens now? If the result had been the opposite, Scottish independence would not have been instant. […]