IELTS Speaking topic: Hanging out with friends

1. How often do you like to hang out with friends?
2. Who do you usually like to hang out with?
3. Where do you like to go when you hang out with your friends?
4. Do you like to go out with a big group or just few friends?

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IELTS Speaking topic: Friendship

1. How do people (in your country) meet others and make friends?
2. Do you think it’s easy for people to make friends at work?
3. Is it important for people to have good relationships with colleagues at their workplace? (Why?)
4. Would you say the students (at your school/university) have a good relationship with each other?
5. (Possibly) How would you describe a “good relationship”?
6. Do you ever help a friend by giving advice?

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IELTS Speaking topic: A success your friend has had

Describe a success your friend has had that you are proud of.
You should say:
what it was
when it happened
why your friend chose this area of activity
how easy or difficult it was to achieve
and explain why you thought this was a success.

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