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  1. IELTS Speaking topic: Weather

    1. What’s the weather like today? 2. What kind of weather do you like (best)? (Why?) 3. What’s your favourite weather? (Why?) 4. What do you usually do during your favourite weather (or season)? 5. What’s the weather (usually) like in your hometown? 6. Do you like that weather (or, that kind of climate)? (Why?/Why […]

  2. Influences of British weather

    The main influence of the British climate is our close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, our northern latitude, and the warming of the waters around the land by the Gulf Stream (a warm current of the northern Atlantic Ocean). Britain is a small island compared with the other land masses in the northern hemisphere – […]

  3. British weather

    What is the weather like in Britain? Different parts of Britain have different types of weather. Variations in the weather can be significant even within a relatively short geographical distance. There may be snow in Wales, but seldom in Chester. Temperature – the south is warmer than the north. Precipitation – the west and north-west, and […]