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Just my own personal views on English language

Bilingual is better

Learning a second language is hard, but it is better for your brain. While many people learn another language because of their cultural or ethnic heritage, it also helps your thinking. Studies show that people who speak two or more languages score higher on IQ tests. Speaking two or more languages also prevents your brain from ageing. This means when you get older your chances of having Alzheimer’s disease are small.

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Keeping a diary for your health

Many people think that keeping a diary is something that teenage girls do. It’s seen as a space to write down who you have a crush on, a place to write down secrets, things you don’t want anyone else to know. The stereotype is that only women keep diaries. In fact, your diary doesn’t have to have pink flowers on it. Keeping a diary, also called a journal, is a very old tradition. It can be useful for many different kinds of people. Many famous people have kept diaries. Many powerful people have kept diaries. Some of these people include famous writers and even presidents.

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Keep the post office!

Recent statistics have revealed that the vast majority of rural post offices in England are not making enough money. The government is now under tremendous pressure to make some tough decisions. There is also a concern that thousands of pensioners living in many rural areas of England could face total isolation if their local post office closes because it is considered a lifeline in the absence of other services.

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Ira Glass on Storytelling

Ira Glass is an American public radio personality, and host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life. Now, the following quote and video were meant for artists and people doing creative work but I believed it also applies to those learning a new language. Learning a new language is challenging and, in many ways, also a creative project. So I wanted to share this quote with you. Once you have read and understood the text, watch the video below!

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Listen to BBC’s view on love

Finally I encountered the topic about love in my blog when I was doing listening dictation exercise today. No other materials, in my opinion, are better than listening to a BBC’s middle-aged man talking about it in a low and slow voice. So I introduced this listening tape, along with the script as follows.

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Hello world!

Ola-la, finally, I, as a devoted wordpress blogger, come to the stage of establishing my site on the VPS from the simple virtual hosting. The site will primarily be focused on English studies, partly because I am currently preparing for the IELTS test since last year, and written in English only for international purpose.

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