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Words in the news: Buttock

21/04/20142 minute read


The demand for bigger buttocks in Venezuela means some women will even have banned injections to achieve them, putting their health at risk.

It is with tears in her eyes that Denny recounts how she woke up one day to find a bump the size of a football in her lower back.

She could not walk or bend down, and the pain was intense.

Even before she saw a doctor, Denny, a 35-year-old Venezuelan lawyer, knew the bump must be a side-effect of liquid silicone that had been injected in her buttocks.

It had moved into her back and was putting pressure on her spine.

“It was a terrible shock. I couldn’t walk. That’s how my agony started,” she says.

Buttock injections are one of many common cosmetic procedures Venezuelan women undergo to achieve what society deems to be beautiful.

The injections were banned by the government in 2012, six years after Denny had them.

But the practice continues in spite of the ban. Up to 30% of women between 18 and 50 choose to have these injections, according to the Venezuelan Plastic Surgeons Association.

Men also get injected to boost their pectoral muscles, though the numbers are lower.

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Buttock is either of the two round soft parts at the top of a person’s legs.

1. I discovered a lump on my buttock yesterday, What shall I do?

2. When I embrace her, I can feel her plump buttock.

3. The beating had left red weals on his buttocks.

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