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Phrase replacement in writing

18/05/20142 minute read

I summarised today some phrase replacement in the IELTS writing this time in the table. With these phrases in the left, your paragraph may seem a bit more complicated and formal, so just go and try some of them in your writing.

 No. Phrase Replacement
 1 Along the lines of Like
 2 As of this date Today
 3 As to About
 4 At the present time Now
 5 By means of With
 6 For the purposes of For
 7 For the reason that Because (since)
 8 From the point of view of For
 9 In as much as For
 10 In order to To
 11 In a position to Have
 12 In the possession of Have
 13 In a satisfactory manner Satisfactorily
 14 In the case of If
 15 In view of Because
 16 In the nature of Like
 17 In the event of If
 18 In connection with Of
 19 In the amount of For
 20 In relation to Towards
 21 In a number of cases Some
 22 On the basis of By
 23 On the grounds that Because
 24 Owing to the fact that Because
 25 On the part of By
 26 On behalf of For
 27 On the few occasions Occasionally
 28 Prior to Before
 29 Subsequent to After
 30 With a view to To
 31 With reference to About
 32 With regard to About
 33 With the result that So that

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