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Talking about movies in English

21/10/201417 second read

Let’s cut to the chase — we all love movies. We love to talk about our favourite movies, but don’t have the right words. In this lesson we’ll go over some common movie vocabulary that you regularly hear, as well as some slang and Hollywood lingo that will help you understand your favourite stars talk about what they do.


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      1. 我用的shadowsocks,可能是它的原因,我现在对口语和写作很没信心,您能给些建议吗,谢谢啦

        1. 你好。我用的也是ss,速度还是挺快的。

          1. 我也正在准备雅思哥的话题卡片,感觉找到雅思哥就像找到了组织一样,之前一个人搜集资料实在是frustrating!Anyway,谢谢您的建议!!

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