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Words in the news: Truncate

26/10/201451 second read


Type A individuals can be described as people who are impatient, lack tolerance of others and have high levels of personal anxiety. Type A individuals also have a strong urge for competition, have high desire to achieve goals, always rush to complete activities, will happily multi-task when placed under heavy time constraints.

Even though it is difficult to link between personality types and sports performance or identify an ideal personality for sports, you will agree with me that the description of personality type mentioned above isn’t atypical in CR7.

At Sporting Clube de Portugal, the impatient Ronaldo once had a surgery that should have truncated his promising career if unsuccessful or better still, kept the promising player behind the turf for several weeks. Interestingly, the goal getter resumed training in few days.

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To truncate is to make something shorter, especially by cutting off the top or end.

1. My article was published in truncated form.

2. Further discussion was truncated by the arrival of tea.

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