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Words in the news: hold a dim view

19/11/20142 minute read


Study: Top college students hold a dim view of teachers and their profession.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Individuals from across the political spectrum agree that one of the keys to improving America’s public education system is to get the smartest, most capable college students interested in a teaching career.

The belief is that students will learn more if they’re taught by individuals who know their subject area backward and forward.

A new study by Third Way – a think tank with middle-of-the-road views – suggests that’s going to be a tough task.

Third Way researchers asked 400 high-performing college students – part of the “millennial” generation – for their views on the teaching profession, and the results are disheartening, if not surprising.

From “Only 35 percent (of respondents) described teachers as ‘smart,’ half said the profession had gotten less prestigious over the years, and most described teaching as the top profession for ‘average’ people.”

The millennials’ low view of teachers might seem harsh, but it’s not baseless. It’s been long understood that America’s teaching corps is largely made up of individuals who languished in the bottom one-third of their college graduating classes.

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To hold a dim view is to regard with disapproval or skepticism.

1. Most bosses hold a dim view of long lunches.

2. Her mother holds a dim view of her choice of friends.

3. Chicago voters hold a dim view of Rahm Emanuel’s stewardship of public education after a tumultuous year that featured a teachers strike.

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