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Words in the news: self-explanatory

23/11/201459 second read


It probably didn’t work. You most likely still dislike presenting. You may feel like not presenting well is some sort of deficiency in your professional skill-set that’s somehow holding you back. Good news. It’s not your fault.

Why isn’t it your fault that you hate presenting? Because if your slides are full of bullet points nobody is paying much attention to you anyway. If your slides are full of bullet points, the damage has already been done. There’s very little you can do – your slides are undermining you:

Self-Explanatory Slides

If you can email your slide deck to somebody who wasn’t at your presentation (or put it on SlideShare) so that they can read through and see what they missed, your slides are self-explanatory. If your slides are self-explanatory, you (the presenter) aren’t necessary. If you are set up to fail, it’s no wonder you hate presenting.

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If something is self-explanatory, it is easy to understand and not needing any more explanation.

1. I think the title is self-explanatory.

2. The diagram is self-explanatory.

3. Most of the questions on the form are self-explanatory.

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