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Words in the news: Fray

19/02/20152 minute read



As I write this on Sunday (Feb. 15), I’m looking out our Record Publishing Co. office windows at bright sunshine, something that doesn’t happen often this time of year.

At a casual glance, it looks like a beautiful mid-February day. But get closer to a window and the picture changes. There’s a lot of snow on the ground — about 6 to 8 inches — and it’s been there a while.

And when I stick my nose out a door, it just about freezes instantly. Yes, another siege of Northeast Ohio wintry weather has been upon us.

Northeast Ohioans are used to this type of weather in winter. Some years it varies a bit, but we always know there will be some tough stretches and conditions.

The last month has been one of those times, and most people — certainly myself — are pretty tired of it. All we can do is pray that it won’t last too much longer.

Every winter is different. Some are mild, with moderate temperatures and little snow. Others see lots of snow and are fairly warm. Some are bone-chilling cold with little snow.

Some winters when we do get snow, it stays around a week or two and then melts away. This hasn’t been one of those.

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To fray means if somebody’s nerves or temper frays or something frays them, the person starts to get irritated or annoyed.

1. As the debate went on, tempers began to fray.

2. Her nerves were frayed by the noises in the street.

3. The electric wire is fraying and could be dangerous to handle.

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