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Words in the news: Ailment

09/03/20152 minute read


Georgetown’s Tyler Adams, his career cut short by heart ailment, gets one last start.

Georgetown Coach John Thompson III gathered his men’s basketball team after practice Thursday afternoon, ready to share a secret. Two days before senior day at Verizon Center, Thompson told his players he didn’t believe in the standard tradition of starting seniors in their final home game and that all of the Hoyas seniors already had started at some point this season, anyway.

And then the coach paused and turned to Tyler Adams.

“But we’re going to make an exception for Tyler,” Thompson said. “You’re starting.”

Smiles spread over every player. The words stunned Adams; he wondered whether his coach was joking. Thompson was serious: Adams, a Georgetown senior sidelined for almost the entirety of his career by a heart condition, will start Saturday against Seton Hall. Adams will play one possession or so, the highlight of a career snatched from him four games into his freshman season.

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Ailment is an illness that is not very serious.

1. M.Forestier suffered from a bronchial ailment.

2. Finding the right herb to cure a particular ailment requires a little research.

3. I got all the usual childhood ailments.

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