IELTS Writing: Trusting journalists

We can get knowledge from news, but some people think we cannot trust journalists. What do you think? What qualities do you think a successful journalist should have?

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IELTS Writing: Media coverage

Today, there are more images of disasters and violence in the media. What are the causes and what are your solutions?

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IELTS Speaking topic: A popular band or singer

Describe a popular band or singer in your country.
You should say: when it first became popular
what style of music it perform
who (what kinds of people) like this band or singer
and explain why you think they are popular.

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Australian jazz music

Jazz music of Australia is of course based on the Afro-American tradition which is said to have originated in New Orleans, USA around 1917.

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Words in the news: self-explanatory


It probably didn’t work. You most likely still dislike presenting. You may feel like not presenting well is some sort of deficiency in your professional skill-set that’s somehow holding you back. Good news. It’s not your fault.

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Australian classical music

Classical music of Australia is based on traditional forms, such as a sonata or symphony, and often follows strict stylistic and rhythmic rules which distinguishes it from simpler or more popular music.

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