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  1. Words in the news: Fray

    Origin: KALEIDOSCOPE: COLD, SNOWY SPELL ENOUGH TO FRAY A SANE PERSON’S NERVES As I write this on Sunday (Feb. 15), I’m looking out our Record Publishing Co. office windows at bright sunshine, something that doesn’t happen often this time of year. At a casual glance, it looks like a beautiful mid-February day. But get closer […]

  2. Words in the news: Feral

    Origin: Feral hogs can cause very costly damage to almost any commercial crop. In the United States, this damage equates to millions of dollars in losses annually. Most damage is from feeding, chewing, trampling, or rooting by foraging hogs. Some studies indicate the majority of damage in agriculture fields is from trampling, with only 5-10% […]

  3. Words in the news: Austerity

    Origin: Sunday’s national elections are widely seen as a vote on years of punishing austerity that its citizens have had to endure, and whether they can handle much more. Back in 2010, the country accepted its first bailout: €240 billion ($277.8 billion) of international aid to rescue its battered economy. In return, Greece agreed to […]

  4. Words in the news: Memorabilia

    Origin: A collection of rare memorabilia worth about £10m is to be sold to raise money for charity. Jersey collector David Gainsborough Roberts has spent his life collecting everything from Marilyn Monroe’s bra to paintings by Winston Churchill. He said: “I have been collecting for many years, I’m 70 years of age now, I don’t […]

  5. Words in the news: Scrawny

    Origin: I decided to start going to the gym and taking fitness more seriously after I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus twice—once when I was 15 and then again when I was 16—playing basketball. Two surgeries later, I could no longer play basketball, so I knew I had to try something else. Growing up […]

  6. Words in the news: Layover

    Origin: While booking flights from New York to Stockholm, it came down to two choices. An expensive, non-stop flight or a cheaper seat on Icelandair with an 18-hour layover in Reykjavik. I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Icelandair, the savvy, Reykjavik-based airline that started offering direct year-round flights from Toronto to Iceland’s capital city last […]